More and more, businesses are feeling the need to implement some form of security. Frazer Technology has certified designers and installers who will work with you to meet your individual needs from a small camera surveillance system or an access control system to the most sophisticated completely integrated security management system.


Access Control
Monitoring and controlling points of entry or other areas that require limited access by some or all personnel can be easy and give you sense of security with an access control system. We can design a system with simple card readers or sophisticated RFID and Biometric (Fingerprint, Facial, Finger-vein) readers. You can also add on features such as syncing to verify time cards or integrating with video surveillance to create communicative layers of security. It can be a cost-effective way for your company to make your employees feel safer along with protecting them and your entire business.

Video Management System
Video Management System (VMS) software can monitor and/or record what’s important to you from anywhere. Whether it’s used to simply store video footage for potential use by law enforcement or used as a monitoring system for your security personnel with full analytics, we can adapt our solutions to best fit your needs.
With today’s technology, a VMS can provide the ability to monitor alarm inputs and act on them in some manner, like activating ancillary equipment such as lighting or start recording on one or more camera sources. It can also send an alert message to one or more people, via email, cellphone SMS, or over the Internet to a client application or mobile phone app. Other options include License Plate Recognition (LPR), Point of Sale (POS) integration and digital Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) from 360o fisheye cameras.
For a very large and complex security camera system, there may be, too much data to be analyzed, or too much storage required for a single server device to handle the workload. In this case the workload can be divided across multiple server devices, each handling a slice of the overall workload. The VMS provides a single management interface allowing you to access camera sources across all servers, making them appear to be a unified collection rather than isolated on multiple independent sources.

We can help you create a safer environment for your employees by securing buildings and parking structures with an intercom communication system. Intercom systems can also provide solutions for internal communication and paging notifications in addition to entry security by allowing you to safely verify visitor identity with both audio and video before granting access to your facility.