Technology is everywhere today and businesses are embracing IoT throughout the work environment. Let our CTS certified personnel meet with you to discuss your needs to design and install a system that meets your budget and exceeds your expectations. Whether it’s a simple wireless collaboration system for a huddle space or training room, or a full upgrade of the conference or boardroom, Frazer Technology can help you embrace today’s most complex technologies in a way that will be simple and easy to use.


Complete Audio Visual Systems
We can engineer complete new systems or upgrade your existing system. From a single microphone or TV to a completely automated conference room or large auditorium, we will supply you with the best image and sound quality for your facility as well as integrated into the room’s aesthetics. Our quality technicians will not only ensure your cabling is out-of-sight and out-of-mind but also completely train you once they have fully tested and commissioned the system.

Audio & Video Conferencing
Communicate across the globe simply and efficiently with conference room and personal audio or video conferencing integration. You don’t need to be technical to manage conference calls of any size. With the addition of some automation, we can set up your conference room system so it comes to life when you walk in the room and start your call with only one command.

Sound Systems
Whether you’re looking for a clear professional sound for a conference room or for a robust sound for large auditorium, we have a system to fit your needs. Using state-of-the-art Digital Signal Processors (DSP), we can automate your system to became a seamless part of the room or give your operator all the controls they desire. We are also aware that room aesthetics can be critical in many environments, so we have a wide range of quality choices of mounted, hidden, or portable microphones and speakers so your sound system disappears into the rooms fabric.

Digital Signage
Looking for a cost-effective way to display information to people in your organization? With our digital signage you can easily convey important text and image information in areas such as waiting rooms, entryways, and office spaces. We also have you covered if you’re looking for more intricate digital signage that conveys dynamic things like meeting schedules or weather.

Video Walls
We can cover an entire wall with multiple integrated LCD, LED, rear projector, or touchscreen monitors to make a big impression with your clients. If you’re looking to integrate multiple screens to one image, we’re here to make that video wall a success.

Automation Control Systems
Imagine walking into your conference room and your system turns on the lights, monitors, and other features automatically, based on what systems you scheduled for the meeting. Whether you’re looking for a simple operating system with automation like this or for an abundance of features, we have the diverse control panel options to satisfy your operational needs.