FRAZER TECHNOLOGY is pleased to have been apart of the team that has brought the new RiverAlive! exhibit to fruition at the Independence Seaport Museum. FT was integral in the design and full installation of 9 interactive exhibits that help visitors learn about the Delaware Watershed and how we impact the river. Our parent company H.B. Frazer also did all of the electrical infrastructure.

The exhibits includes:

  • The Continuum Wall – A 32′ S curved wall with two ceiling mounted Barco projectors displaying a seamless interactive projection wall. Interacting with the five interactive pedestals, visitors can help clean the river and learn at the same time. It includes five channel audio with a ceiling mounted speaker over each pedestal.

  • River Highway Theater – An interactive theater with a 21″ elo touchscreen allows visitors to choose one of seven weather scenes. With 16 ChauvetDJ lights and four Kramer speakers, they learn and sense what different weather conditions are like and how they affect the land, waterways and and all living things. FT designed, installed and programmed all the lighting scenes with a ChauvetDJ DMX controller and touch panel controls with a BrightSign media player.

  • Watershed Video Wall – In a small 10′ x 11′ room, the angled 55″ panels that comprise the 2 x 3 Barco video wall use six BrightSign media players in BrightWall synced mode, with a dynamic Kramer sound system to give visitors an immersed feel of how water is used and moves through the watershed.

  • Citizen Science Lab – This classroom area includes a 32″ LG monitor, JBL speakers and a wireless keyboard & mouse to allow the instructor to display information from the remote computer. The desktop mounted WIFI connected iPad allows students to connect and interact with the instructor as well.

  • Fisharium – A larger classroom that includes a 65″ LG monitor, JBL speakers and a wireless keyboard & mouse to allow the instructor to display information from the remote computer. A microphone jack on the instructors table allows for a Shure microphone to be plugged in so they can Skype with instructors and scientist in the field. The microphone allows students to ask questions of the person in the field. At this time, it was determined that only audio was needed going out to the remote end but the students would be able to see video and hear audio from the person in the field.

  • Wetland Data – An 86″ Planar touchscreen allow three visitors to interact with the panel at the same time to learn some of the things scientist look for when accessing the water in the Delaware Watershed.

  • Currents Kiosk – This 32″ elo touchscreen allows visitors to answer a few questions to see what type of watershed hero they are.

  • Delaware Watershed Maps – Consists of two 21″ elo touchscreen allowing visitors a closer look at specific areas along the whole length of the watershed.

  • River Window – Audio Spotlight Speakers with revolutionary directional audio technology mounted at the ceiling direct sound only heard while sitting at the bench directly below the speaker. Motion sensors trigger audio from the BrightSign media player when visitors sit on the bench. There are four speakers and four benches facing the windows looking out at the river playing clips from those who work on the river.

  • The system includes a rack with the seven computers remotely rack mounted in the server closet and an automation system for timed power on and off of all the monitors, projectors, audio and lighting. All components including the media players, projectors and automation system are networked making upgrades and system changes quick and easy.

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